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Career Support Service

Are you planning to make a career change?

Preparing yourself for the next level?

Hiring for your own company?

Alumni network and college alumni centre can help you.

Professional Networking

Want to raise capital for your start-up, need new clients, want to create alliances with other businesses or products?

Your alumni is the most low risk network to create synergies.

Mentorship and Guidance

Your alumni could be in any field imaginable, don't hesitate to reach out.

Most alumni are honored when asked for career advice & help.

PS: Don't spam your alumni, build a rapport first.

Alumni Services & Discounts

Not getting enough benefits from your employer or in your own business!!!

Explore your alumni for group benefits on financial services, insurance, travel, holidays, educational discounts, venue services and online discounts.

Access to Research & Market Intelligence

Some colleges and universities give exclusive access to their research and white papers to its alumni. Want to make business decisions or working on new strategies, white-papers, research papers? Alumni market intelligence can help you.

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